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Water is the indispensable demand of people. In addition to water supply, well water plays a large part of the total current water supply.

Not only in the countryside, but also in the city, water is used as the main source of water for domestic consumption and production. However, well water is often at risk of exposure to alum and other toxic heavy metals. Water treatment required to remove these components before use.

What is the current water treatment  solution  ? Let’s look at two ways of filtering and treating water that are being used by many people.

What is alum water?

Water on the ground such as rivers, lakes, canals or underground water sources are at risk of alum contamination. There is no exact definition of an alkaline water source, but can be identified by external observation:


  • Water is sour.
  • Water stains clothes, containers, faucets.
  • The smell of water.

These are the obvious signs that folk call alkaline water. In fact, the water source is contaminated with metal sulfate salts so water can be contaminated with alum or aluminum alum. This water needs to be  treated with alum water  so that it can be used for daily life.

Crude filtration system

Raw water treatment system for raw alum water. Water is pumped from the well and emanated from the shower. Then, oxygen in the air will react with Fe in water to oxidize iron, alum. The amount of sediment is partially reduced, the rest will pass through other layers (gravel, sand, coal, quartz) for further cleaning.


The final water will no longer have the color of iron or alum. This is the way  water treatment of alum is  quite common in many households, the production base due to low cost or because there is no better technology before.

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