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People think drowning is due to not swim. If you do not want to drown, have to go to school to learn some type of swimming, such as frog swimming, swimming, backstabbing … In fact, many, including swimming, even swimming, but subjective, or cramping, or having some disease … can still drown; And even children who drown in shallow water areas like falling face to buckets, pots, jars of water in the house. 
According to Tuan, in addition to educating, raising awareness of drowning prevention with the motto “prevention rather than cure”, there is another way to prevent drowning – a way to help people can Survive if you accidentally fall into the water, even if they never swim. And that is the technique of “self-rescue” or “swimming survived”.
Practice breathing and float very important in the method of self-rescue. Illustration: Vu Minh Chinh, E-Swimming. 
With this method, people who do not know how to swim, when falling into the water can still survive by doing the following four steps: 
– calmly close your eyes, shut your mouth, hold your breath (may get your nose covered) chopping water, becoming the lifesaving buoy push people up. 
– Continuing to relax the water to push the water back to the semi-safely posted posture, head to the water, legs in the deep water. 
– Using a paddle paddle or paddle paddle, a water blower propels the head out of the water, or can fan the water, allowing the swimmer to move easily as the water becomes lighter than the ground.
– When moving up and down, come forward to remember on the water, open mouth to breathe fast and deep, under the water shut mouth, breathe out slowly by nose, or by mouth. 
In this way, people can survive in the water for a long time, waiting for people to save, or take advantage of the flow to move to a more shallow. And all of these steps can be completed gradually on land and can educate children from preschool. 
Considering self-rescue techniques in drowning prevention, especially for children, said Nguyen Trong An, deputy director of the Department of Child Protection and Care, said that this is a right way to go. Parallel training between land and water.


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