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    SM-9 Steamer

    SM-9 Steamer

    Price : 51.062.000 ₫
    SM-9 Steamer
    Model: SM-9
    Code: 9010
    Power factor (W): 9000
    Power Supply / Voltage: 240V 1P 38A
    Size: 380x150x395mm (LxWxH)
    Heating Type / Heater Type: electricity
    Weight / Weight: 14 Kg
    The warranty period: 12 months
    Manufacturer: Steamist – USA

    + Volume of use room (m3): 10.2

    + The machine can be installed for rooms from 7.6 m2 or more. 
    + Display parameters by LED 
    + Structural frame made of stainless steel 
    + Semiconductor circuit

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