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    Simon Coat – 5S

    Simon Coat – 5S

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    Simon Coat – 5S
    Manufacturer: Vinkems – Vietnam

    L à compounds repellent super-elastic, are premixed two parts A  and B   of formula 1A + 4B , when mixed together to form this coating plastics used in protective coatings and waterproofing for adhesion high for surfaces.

    In particular,  Simon ®  Coat 5S is  not toxic when used in water tanks.


    Weight A: 1.01 – 2.04 kg / liter            

    pH (A): 6.5 – 8.5

    Bending strength: 3.0 MPa

    Compressive strength: 6.0 MPa

    Adhesion: 1.5 MPa

    Waterproofing ability: Not permeable

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