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    Emaux SCC-one Salt Chlorinator

    Emaux SCC-one Salt Chlorinator

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    For residential and semi-commercial pools
    Salt chlorinated pools are among the best to enjoy a comfortable bath, but such systems tend to raise pH. With SSCone you get the right solution: its automatic dosing pump injects acid to achieve the proper pH balance, obtaining the most efficient chlorine generated by the Emaux cell. No harmful by-products. It is programmed automaticall

    1 Timer for pump and cell programmable control.

    2 Direct power function

    3 Boost button, sets the system in super chlorination, 100% power for 24 hours.

    4 Visual pH reading, and easy set-up.

    5 Capacitive touch buttons control panel.

    6 Switch reverse polarity to the needed time depending on water hardness to minimize cell scaling. Every 4 or 8 or 12 hours.

    7 Fully automatic or manual.

    8 Winter mode reduce power to 30%.

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