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History of formation and development

Well come to VINAPOOL Co.,Ltd

VINAPOOL is a design company and building pool in Viet Nam was founded on 2012 at HCM city and 2014 Vinapool officially opened its representative office in Da Nang. Present, vinapool has 50 – 60 employer include: Construction Engineer, architect, water supply & drainage engineer, mechanical engineer, electronic engineer, technician and more old teams…Vinapool specializes in pool & spa design for hotels, resorts, spas, residences and villas, Vinapool has designed and constructed over 200 swimming pools and spas throughout the country over the past 7 years.

Vinapool specializes in the areas of consultancy, design, supply, installation, maintenance, construction and technology transfer in the field of swimming pool construction, swimming pool equipment, pool tiles, swimming pool technology, sauna technology, steam technology, Jacuzzi technology, collective spa whirlpools, automatic water jet baths, art deco fountain equipment technology.

We have already many years experience in the mounting construction equipment settings for the fun area area like: School, hospital, the building, apartment, Resort, sport, sauna, hotel in HCM city and some provinces of the country.
Team Engineer, engineering of the Company, they are they have been training in the school of the University, College right with specialized.

With the ability to provide services, products specialized in pool equipment, Jacuzzi, spa, massage sauna, our company meet the requirements from consulting, design and supply. Installation of swimming pool equipment, sauna equipment, spa equipment based on the development of accumulated experience of engineers, architects and technicians have been trained professionally bring true value to customers.

Through the experience gathered during the process of construction and construction of hundreds of large and small projects across 3 regions of the country has contributed to motivate us to serve customers better. Therefore, we constantly improve our capacity, professional skills, acquire the knowledge and technology in the world to meet the technical requirements, quality of construction works increasingly High to bring the highest technology to your work.

Thank you for using the services and products of VINAPOOL!

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