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General concept of swimming pool waterproofing with the surface of the swimming pool is paved with stone.

I. Material:
Sika Grout 214-11: Non-shrink cement mortar. 
Sika flex contruction (J): Polyurethane original sealant. 
Sikatop Seal 107: Two-component cementitious mortar that can be applied by flying or scouring. 
Sika Latex: Synthetic rubber emulsion is used as admixture for cement mortar where waterproofing and good adhesion. 
Sika Aquastop S: Siloxane based waterproofing agent.

II. Construction process:
1. Cure all mortar sticking to the concrete surface, blowing, dust clean. 2. Before carrying out waterproofing and paving stone. Use Sikaflex Contruction (J) sealant.

2. Pump around all pipe through walls and non-shrink cement mortar Sika Grout 214-11 To fill the gap around the pipe. Allow the surface to dry at least 12 hours.

3.Connecting class:

– Sika Latex: Scrape the connection layer on the wall or concrete surface is mixed with the following proportions: 1 liter of Sika Latex + 1 liter of clean water + 4 kg of cement

4. While the Sika Latex bonding layer is wet, conduct Sika Latex mortar with a 1 liter Sika Latex mortar for 1 m2 with a thickness of 20mm.

– Mixing ratio: 1 liter of Sika Latex + 3 liters of water is mixed with cement and yellow sand in proportion (by volume): 1 cement + 3 golden sand 
– Note: at angle Sika Latex milk corner bowl

5. Finish the Sika Latex mortar surface with a trowel and normal mortar maintenance.

6. Water saturated surface but avoid standing water before applying two layers of waterproofing material Sikatop Seal 107.

7. Mix Sikatop Seal 107 as follows:

– Shake the component A for a few seconds and add it to the mixing tank. 
– Let component B (Gray Powder) be added to Component A at a rate of 1kg Part A: 4kg B. Use a low speed electric mixer.

8. Apply Sikatop Seal 107 grade 1 with a brush with a rate of 2kg / m2. After the first 8 hours, dry the second layer with a brush. You can use flat sponges if needed.

9. To allow the second layer of Sikatop Seal 107 dry after at least 24 hours to apply the layer of stone on the surface of the waterproofing layer.

– Stone mortar is mixed with the following proportions: 1 liter of Sika Latex + 1 liter of clean water + (4 -: – 6) kg of cement 
– Note: During the process of paving the stone on the surface of the anti – penetration, absolutely not be scratched surface waterproofing layer Sikatop Seal107.

10. Allow the dry stone to dry for 2 days, clean the surface and apply Sika Aquatop S with a regular brush:

– Norm: 0.3mm / m2. 
– Sikatop Seal 107: 4kg / m2 for 2 layers of 2mm thickness

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