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20 landscape pool design styles

20 styles of landscape design swimming pool

You will never regret making the decision to invest in a pool in your backyard. Imagine having fun parties, gathering with family and friends whenever you want.

In this article, we will focus on introducing scenery ideas around the pool. This is really a problem you should keep in mind besides building the pool. By a beautiful landscape will do the complete design of the pool.

The list below will give you a more specific view of a well-designed backyard pool:

Tropical style with dense, green surrounds.

Design gardens around the pool if you own a house in the street.

Mediterranean style when combining stones and stones to decorate the pool area.

This design took advantage of the beauty of the surrounding landscape to perfect the design of the pool.

What’s more amazing is that your pool is located next to a natural lake.

Trees not only create the landscape for the house but also take advantage of bringing shade to the pool area.

The lawn will be neat and will look neat and clean.

Stone is also the ideal material for creating scenery for the pool area.

There are many beautiful landscape designs too, please refer to the following:

According to Petrotimes.vn

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