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Heat pump water heater  is increasingly popular because of its outstanding advantages for users. You have heard of heat pump but don’t know what is a heat pump water heater? Advantages of heat pump heat pump? The following article will help you learn about this issue. Heat pump is a product used to heat swimming pool water, Heat pump is the most trusted heating method today, both meeting large capacity and being environmentally friendly. by using heat energy from the air, What is a heat pump water heater? In nature, the tendency of heat to move from an area of ​​high temperature to a place of lower temperature. Therefore, people use heat pumps to move heat from a lower heat source to a higher heat source and vice versa. Thus, a heat pump is a device that works on the principle of Thermodynamics, using a small amount of energy to absorb and regulate the temperature, moving it to the desired place. Heat pumps normally will only allow heat to move in a fixed direction, for example from “hot” to “cold” or vice versa (like a heater or refrigerator…) and choosing multiple directions of heat transfer is called a reversible heat pump.


Nguyên lý hoạt động của máy nước nóng bơm nhiệt

Nguyên lý hoạt động của máy nước nóng bơm nhiệt

Working principle of heat pump

A heat pump uses electricity to create a flow of gas through a system of gas pipes, the Gas R410, or R22  these pipes will absorb heat from the air to warm and warm the water being pumped through a tank. Heat pumps do not yet absorb heat and circulate through the pool. Heat pumps do not generate heat by themselves.

Heat pump heat pump  has the same operating principle as air conditioners but operates in the opposite cycle, with a heat pump system consisting of four main components:

–- cooling off

– Compressor

– Condenser tank

– And the throttle.

Operating based on the unique properties of the medium, with the continuous circulation of the medium in a closed cycle including evaporation – compression – condensation – throttling – evaporation. That’s how the heat pump works, the heat of the air after being absorbed and increased will be transferred to cold water through the heat exchanger to reach the required temperature and will store. at the insulation tank or transmitted to the load used.










Nguyên lý hoạt động của máy bơm nhiêt heat pump

What are the advantages of using a heat pump?

Advantage 1: Heat pump heat pump works continuously to save energy.

Currently, there are many different models, but basically the heat pump lines are still preferred for use due to the advantages of saving power, working continuously in all environments, not at all. dependent on an environment. Heat pump heat pump can work whenever needed, working continuously even at night, producing more hot water in a day.

Advantage 2: Environmentally friendly and safe for users

As mentioned, the operating principle of a heat pump is to take energy from a low heat source (such as in the air, humidity, water) and then convert it into a high temperature hot water source. Therefore, it does not use electricity to heat the water, so it is completely user-friendly and safe. Heat pump heat pump is indeed the first useful and safe choice for your family (especially for families with young children and the elderly). The system is adjusted to the temperature at the outlet (about 32 to 40 degrees Celsius) by a thermostatic automatic phase valve, so customers can be completely assured, especially young children will not worry when using it. burns (burns) if the outlet water temperature is too high

Advantage 3: High durability

This equipment is machined and manufactured in anti-corrosion titanium, and is equipped with engines, components such as compressors, valves, etc., which are completely imported from famous brands in the world, combined with anti-corrosion materials, helping to increase the life of the machine from 12 to 20 years.

Advantage 4: Easy to install, repair and maintain

This series of machines is very easy to install and operate, without the need for technicians to sit on duty like other water heaters. You just need to plug in the power and enjoy the hot water that the heat pump produces without having to wait or get frustrated when running out of water.

After using for a long time, the cleaning, maintenance and periodic maintenance of the machine according to the time of use is inevitable for any mechanical equipment. Thus, the new machine increases the life of the components in the machine. With a heat pump, you will not need to call a technician to come to the toilet and maintain the machine, but you can automatically check and clean the machine, saving a lot of money. great for this.

Advantage 5: Can be used with different weather and environment

Currently, heat pump heat pumps can meet all needs of heating water, heating or cooling homes, factories, aquatic products, even in public pools or swimming pools… Heat pump heat pump can even work well in humid climates.

Máy bơm nhiệt dùng cho hồ bơi 

In short, heat pumps are more able to retain heat during work, and have much lower annual operating costs than appliances that use electricity or gas to make hot water.

By now you must have understood what is a heat pump and a heat pump. If you need more advice about this device, do not hesitate to contact us for answers.

Diagram of working principle of heat pump for swimming pool

Working principle of pool heat pump- Water is pumped weekly by pool pump, water is circulated through filter and pool heating device ( Heater pump ) – Chemical pump water treatment device After the water heater to help prolong the life of the machine, the water is circulated back to the pool,


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Máy nước nóng dùng hồ thủy lực, Hồ jacuzzi

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