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Benefits of salt electrolysis water treatment

Benefits of the pool salt electrolyzer Normally, to treat and disinfect swimming pool water, people use filtration equipment and water treatment chemicals such as chlorine. This method is popular, easy to implement and quite effective. However, its disadvantage is that using too much chlorine will cause adverse reactions, affecting water quality and swimmer’s health. Scientists have successfully researched and applied a solution to create chlorine compounds from table salt – an easy-to-find and naturally available source of materials. Swimming pool water treatment technology with salt electrolysis is being evaluated as superior efficiency and environmental friendliness compared to traditional chemical water treatment methods.

Sơ đồ nguyên lý hoạt động máy điện phân muối hồ bơi

Sơ đồ nguyên lý hoạt động máy điện phân muối hồ bơi

How does the electrolysis of pool water take place? This is a new technology that uses an electrode bar to create Cl2 from table salt NaCl Electrolysis takes place according to the reaction:

2NaCl + 2H20 – > 2NaOH + H2 + Cl2
Cl2 + H2 -> HOCl + HCl HOCl is a strong oxidizing compound, it is the main disinfectant agent.
The chlorine released during the electrolysis process will dissolve into the water and have the effect of cleaning swimming pool water without interfering with other chemicals.


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Benefits of the pool salt electrolyzer
Kill bacteria, algae cells that conventional equipment cannot clean.
Safe for users’ health and friendly to the environment
The device is designed to automatically clean the inside, so you don’t have to worry about deposits left by mineral salts
Do not use chemicals that are both safe for the swimmer’s body and save the cost of swimming pool water treatment.
Water treatment time is quick and convenient.
Change the nature of water from tasteless to slightly salty like sea water, containing many beneficial minerals.


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