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1. The unit should be connected to a 30mA max Residual Current Device (RCD).
2. An interrupter (circuit-breaker etc) should be installed to disconnect all poles from the supply mains.
3. Ensure that the chlorinator cell is the last piece of equipment installed inline on the filtration system – so the
chlorine produced will not damage other equipment such as heaters.
4. The cell may be installed above or below the water level. If it is below water level, ensure that an isolation valve
is installed so the unit can be serviced without losing water from the pool.
5. The cell may be mounted at different angles so long as a gas trap is provided.
6. Install in a covered area away from any water projection.
GAS TRAP : The cell must be positioned in such a way as to provide a gas trap. The bottom of the cell
must be above the top surface of the pipe from the previous piece of equipment, as per the below diagram.
Hl-Rate Sand Filter

Installation, as indicated, will prevent the hydrogen gas (a by-product of the electrolysis process) to collect in the
filter should scavenging water flow cease.
In normal operation the RED LED indicator light is off. The amount of chlorine produced can be adjusted with the
Chlorine Production control. The setting of this control is indicated by the number of Green Illuminated LED lights.
The output of the chlorinator can be adjusted to reflect the different seasonal requirements in order to maintain
satisfactory chlorine sanitizer levels.
With the control set on maximum, the chlorine production will be at 100% and all GREEN LED will light up with
correct water balance.
The cell can also be switched off at any time if the pool water has been over-chlorinated.
The RED LED light on indicates either that
The water salt level might have fallen below the required levels of operation.
There is too much calcification on the cells for the unit to sense water flow.
The pool water temperature is low.


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