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    Waterbar CVO 180

    Waterbar CVO 180

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    Waterbar CVO 180
    Manufacturer: Cover

    Label: CVO 180

    Ribbon width: 180 mm ± 5%

    Thickness of tape: 3-5 mm ± 10%

    Length of roll: 15 (m)

    Available form: sheet form

    Color: Yellow or Green.

    Specific gravity: 1.37 ± 0.02 kg / liter

    Chemical Origin: Polyvinyl Chloride

    Working temperature: -35 0 C ÷ 55 0 C

    Chemical resistance: Acid resistance, wastewater, seawater.


    • Simple construction, high efficiency.
    • High water resistance when concrete starts to solidify.
    •  Good bonding with concrete.
    •  Chemical resistance, alkaline resistance.
    •  There are many types that suit every position of the finish.
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